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$(Varies) Guitar Pedals — I have a variety of used and/or repaired guitar pedals available. Contact me for a price list and for sound samples.

$150: The “QubeTube” Guitar amp was built by Colin in 2001 based on a classic 1960’s single-ended tube design using a 50L6 output tube with a Hammond output transformer and a vintage-spec Jensen 6″ driver. Features yellow tweed, brass accents, and silver-toned grill cloth. Note: This classic circuit design does NOT use an input transformer, so it’s not isolated from the mains, therefore it’s recommended as a solo amp, or for use with battery-operated pedals. I can install an isolation transformer (contact me if you’re interested; it’s probably about $30 extra). For use at 115VAC only. Puts out about 3-5 watts. Has a volume, and tone control, two inputs, and a power switch. The third 1/4″ jack was going to be for headphones, but is not connected right now. The amp shows some wear.

$125: Blackheart Tube Head — This is a gem of a vacuum tube amp featuring an EL84 running single-ended with a triode/pentode switch. It’s got a GREAT tone, and, at 3-5 watts output, make the perfect practice amp at home. Contact me for audio samples.

$(Varies): TESTED Antique Wax Capacitors — I have dozens of antique (1920’s to 1950’s) wax capacitors available that are FULLY TESTED for Capacitance, Leakage, and rated voltage. Contact me for what values are available: .

$50!! Voigt Pipe Stereo Speakers — I built this pair of transmission lines (TLs) in the late 1990’s. Voigt pipes are a type of quarter-wave TL speaker with the transmission line unfolded (so they are quite tall!). These bi-amped speakers use a 5″ mid-bass speaker (Dayton audio) and a nice Ribbon tweeter (Dayton audio). The tweeters were really not ever used and cost about $35 each themselves. Just come and pick them up if you’re in the Washington DC area! Yes, the backs are painted turquoise. They are constructed from very solid 3/4″ Birch plywood (unfinished).

$250 USA Nixie Tube Clock Treasure Chest — Features 1960’s made-in-USA Nixie tubes and circuitry designed and made in the USA, even the PCB! Runs the clock off of the 60Hz AC, and there’s a switch for 50Hz. 115VAC only. Very cute. Nixie tubes turn off when the lid is closed to preserve their life. I’ve seen these Nixie tubes go for $40 EACH on ebay! Measures 4-7/8″ across.

$220 T206 Baseball Cards and Flags (c.1911) — A very attractive decor item featuring five genuine cigarette cards issued in 1909 to 1911, two baseball cards (Jack Knight and Chief Bender) from the T206 series, and three Flags of the Nations series cards from the same era. Very unique, rare cards. Display is 13.5″ across.

$25: Comet and Harlequin — These are two art-objects I created in 2001. They are solid oak blocks with randomly-drilled holes each containing an LED. They plug into any 115VAC outlet and have a piggyback-able plug (salvaged from Christmas lights!)… “Comet” has only red LEDs, and “Harlequin” has a variety of colors. They make neat “art” decorations. Price is for the pair, plus shipping costs.

$(Varies) Art for Sale!! — Original pieces by myself. These were displayed at an art exhibit at MIT back around 2005. More pieces are available. Several have sold, but the ones pictured are available. Please contact me for pricing.


SOLD: PVC Pipe Amp #1 — This amplifier features a 4″ driver and about 3ft of 4″ PVC piping with a Tee at the bottom to port the bass. It’s a great sounding amp with a blue two-tone snake-skin-like color scheme. The control panel has a Volume, Tone, and Reverb control, and a awesome turquoise power-on LED. The power switch and power jack are near the triangular base. It also has a convenient carry handle. It can put out about 15W and is great as a home practice amp.

SOLD: The Radial Tonebone PlexiTube “Hot-British” overdrive pedal. I upgraded it with an ACTUAL MADE IN BRITAIN 12AX7 (Hammond). You’ll get the original Chinese Ruby 12AX7 as well. I repaired the footswitch (YT video). Comes tested with 120VAC/15VDC USA adapter. Made in Canada. This is a really versatile overdrive pedal with two banks of settings! It’s a very sturdy metal pedal too.

SOLD: Standel Studio XV guitar amp, 1965 — This is an early solid state amplifier using a genuine vintage Jensen 15″ speaker. It’s in incredible condition for its age. I rebuilt the input stage around year 2000 because it was blown out by the previous owner. I have since found the original circuit and have the parts to upgrade the input stage. Once you contact me, it’ll take about 2 weeks to get the input stage rebuilt and tweaked, and to get the reverb unit working (scratchy RCA connectors). Everything else works great on it. Contact me for more photos, videos, and sound samples. ## YT videos below on the fixes I did to it, Sept 2021:

> : Vintage Standel Studio XV guitar amp rebuild [ (Schematics of modules)]
> : FIXED: Standel Studio XV Reverb
> : FIXED: Standel Studio XV Vibrato Control

SOLD: Metal & Leather Logitech m325 mouse — A genuine, fully functional Logitech wireless computer mouse (m325) modified with genuine USA leather, pure solid copper or aluminum knurled scroll wheel, pure copper or aluminum skin, and metal mouse buttons. It’s a truly beautiful piece of functional art! I’ve been using one of these on my work computer for years, and it works perfectly and looks stunning. ALL CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!!! Let me know if you’re interested in one and I can make one for you (~$50-$80, free shipping to continental USA).

SOLD: Prototype VU Meter Guitar Pedal — Have you ever wished you could check your levels in decibels between songs after changing settings? You can with this home-made pedal! I used home-spun electronics with a ATtiny85 chip and a 4-digit display to create a very handy little pedal. It shows the highest signal level in dB that you achieved over the last second or so. I haven’t seen anything like this out on the market. I can easily build more if there is demand!! In fact, there IS more demand, so I’m working on an upgraded & improved version now. –> The Mini-VUMP is for sale now!!!

SOLD: The Knight Guitar Preamp — This is a three-tube selectable preamp for guitar built from a cigar box with custom handles and hardware. The bias points for the tubes are variable to get a wide variety of tones. Has a 12AX7 (replaceable with 12AY7, 12AT7, etc for different distortion profiles), EF86, and a submini-triode, the 5718. GUITAR PEDALS LIKE THESE CAN BE CUSTOM MADE!!! CONTACT ME FOR A PRICE (

SOLD: Auto-TunePre — A stand-alone, full function auto tuner/preamp in one cute little compact unit with lots of LED-illuminated controls for ease of use in dark venues. Really an amazing piece of equipment. Lightly used. Tune to any scale you set simply by touching the green “piano” keys. Comes with original user manual, boxes, and power transformer.

SOLD $250 LP Aspire Conga Set with Stand — This is a used conga set in excellent shape that includes the stand. The soudning area of the congas measure about 10″ and 11″ diameter (actual heads are larger). Prefer local pickup due to the weight and size.

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