Hello 2020! Current projects…

Folks: I’ve been super busy being a 2nd-time dad and rebuilding antique stereo consoles recently, so I’ve been AWOL here! Here’s the briefest glimpse into what’s been going on.

Here’s some progress on rebuilding the classic Grundig NF2 amplifier (4x EL84, 2x 12AX7) from the bare chassis up! I’m using all new professional Vishay-Dale (USA) resistors in the signal path, and reusing the old wax caps only if they match within 2% and pass the high-voltage leakage test. This amp will get wood bars on the sides and a decorative cage over the output transformers (not shown in this photo). This amp goes with my Grundig / Bayreuth console that I’m fully restoring augmenting. Yes, that tube that will be in the middle is a tuning-eye indicator tube for visually showing the music! It’s going to look awesome! The teak console will be for sale when it’s done, and will include this beautiful amp, the restored original FM/AM/SW radio, turntable, reel-to-reel tape player, bluetooth connection, DSP digital equalizer correction, and auxiliary inputs to boot!
This is several measurements** of a Grundig KS680 console from the 1960’s with all original speakers in excellent condition. Note the maximum at 1kHz-3kHz, no bass below 100Hz, and vanishing treble above 6kHz. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Fletcher-Munson equal loudness curves!! No wonder these old consoles sound so terrible! I’ll augment this with two 8″ subs, rebuild the crossovers, and add digital DSP equalization correction built right into the console. That console will also be for sale and come with the restored original AM/FM/SW radio, turntable, reel-to-reel player, Bluetooth, and DSP equalization correction. It’s going to look and sound stunning!
[[ **Using the amazing and free REW, and the UMIK-1 ($75) ]]

Interestingly, my VU-meter pedal has received some attention lately, so I’m also working on making production versions of those!!