PVC Pipe Amp Kit Status

Just to keep you up to date on the PVC pipe amp kits… I’m working hard on the manual for the assembly. Whew, it’s a lot of work! It’s up to 22 pages now, and that just for the PCB and Faceplate assembly!

For the Faceplate drawing, I had to download the AppImage of latest build of FreeCAD (still at 0.17), because, well, I couldn’t figure out where 0.16 went (thanks, Ubuntu!), and the Ubuntu-software center version of FreeCAD (also 0.17) didn’t have dimensioning capability. Hopefully they’ll get up to version 1 of FreeCAD someday….

I’m having a hard time deciding whether or not to include a 15″ x 15″ baseplate in the kit, because it means the shipping carton has to be much larger. Any opinions? Also, the 90-deg elbow is easily available at any home improvement store, so I might leave that out too, because it might cost as much to ship as it is to buy in person! Besides, if you want to recreate the Super Mario Bros amp, you don’t need an elbow!

I made a few videos pertaining to the assembly. Those will be posted once the manual is done and the kits are ready.

Once the weather lets up, I can go ahead and router the features into the five remaining PVC pipes I have here. That a major part of the kit.

Clock SN001 & SN003 Update

Clock SN001 is done. The “nudge” factor I used to keep the needle from sticking seems to be working very well, and I recalibrated the “mode” knob. The demo video was posted on Youtube. It’s up for sale on Etsy.com as well…

Analog Meter Clock
SN003 is completely done!

Clock SN003 has been updated! I added a feature to the back corner of it, and it’s looking great. The instruction sheet is done too, and the demo video has been shot (but not processed). Hopefully it’ll be posted to Youtube and Etsy within the next week.