VUMP Updates

Analog VUMPs got more attention this year, both the 1/4″ jack-only type, and the 1/4″ jack plus XLR jack type. These have been limited in production due to my time, which is scant, unfortunately!

The Mini-VUMP faces serious delay by non-availability of a critical component at every supplier I know of until at least December 2023!!! SO MANY of you want to buy one and I am truly sorry that it will be further delayed due to an out of stock (but apparently not out-of-demand!) part.

…… OH, have I even mentioned it yet? The Mini-VUMP is now upgraded to STEREO capability and comes in a new blue finish to make the engraving “pop”. Photos coming soon once I have a few prototypes finished up.

Sorry for the delays!!!

Folks, I mentioned that I moved across the country for an awesome new job at the beginning of the year. It’s been great, but super busy, so I haven’t had much time to devote to these guitar pedals, unfortunately. As of 6/3/23, I have a few Analog VUMPs ear-marked for customers, so I am turning some out, just more slowly than I’d like to.

I haven’t mentioned this until now, but I’m overhauling the digital Mini-VUMP to work with stereo inputs and pre-set calibration, and that turned out to be a major change (stereo jacks, more expensive 3PDT footswitch, more/larger parts, etc), and my first round of the PCB had some issues I haven’t had time to scope out yet. Once I get that figured out, it’ll be a 1.5 month delay to production of the first 40 units.

After those 40 are done I need to buy a powder paint gun to do the next batch. I was borrowing one from a friend previously.

Thanks for your patience! Many of you have told me you’ve been looking for something like this for 20-30 years, so I hope a few months more of waiting will be tolerable!

The Analog-VUMP has arrived!

Customers have been asking about an old-school analog voltage unit meter pedal. Well, it took me a few months, but here it is!! The Analog-VUMP!! Now XLR input/output, AND stereo or mono 1/4″ input/output! Beautiful backlit display is easy to read. Features slow-fast response, level scaling knob (calibration), and compatibility with XLR Phantom Power. Reserve one today!

Mini-VUMPs for 2022

Thank you all for making 2021 a strong year for the Mini-VUMP. Lots of happy customers! Lots of pedalboards equalized, lots of pickup heights adjusted, lots more awesome guitar music! Please don’t keep the Mini-VUMP a secret… pass the word on to your friends. More Mini-VUMPs are being handmade this week. I’ll be up to serial number 80 soon.

Looking Forward

I just ordered a shipment of 200x more mini guitar pedal boxes and another 50+ displays to make you all more Mini-VUMPs! Plus I’m eager to get started on a handful of other new guitar pedal ideas I have:

  • A Mini-Reverb pedal (stereo!), using the high-end Accutronics/Belton reverb modules (24-bit, 96kHz).
  • A mini notch filter for removing 60Hz hum for people who use single-coil pickups in noisy environments, called “Y-NOTch?”
  • A mini-pedal based on magnetic saturation for overdrive, unlike any electrical overdrive pedal out there. This will sound like saturated magnetic tape overdrive!
  • Mini-pedals using new-old-stock micro, made-in-USA vacuum tubes.

Adding a Guitar Jack to an Antique Radio the easy way

Here’s a diagram for an easy way to add an auxiliary jack to your antique mono radio so you can play guitar through it. See my video below on YouTube too. The theory is quite simple — The volume control varies the level of an actual AC audio signal — Not audio high-voltage DC on a tube plate, or some weird radio IF frequency, so you know it’s an easy place to put an auxiliary signal in. The only downside is you don’t know how strong that signal is going to the volume control, so if you plug a guitar directly in there, you may have to crank up the volume all the way. There are possibly better places to put the guitar signal in that would give you more gain, but you’d have to trace the circuit, understand it, and then put your aux jack in — It’s a LOT more work.