Analog, vintage, steampunk — There’s some cool stuff here! These are one-of-a-kind stunning clocks handmade by Dr. Joye using as many Made-in-USA parts as possible. Please contact me at to purchase, or see our Etsy store (it might not be up there). Prices are in US dollars.

$250.00: Nixie Clock using B5991/8422 Nixie tubes (Made in USA), along with extremely rare 74142 Nixie driver/counter ICs made in 1974 by Texas Instruments. Available for sale at Etsy.
$750.00: Analog Clock SN003, a dual-meter unit that displays hours and minutes on separate dials on a cigar box base. The minutes hand moves every 15 seconds. This unit also has some “mood” lighting Red LEDs under the cigar box give a soothing ground-lighting effect, and a yellow LED lights the beautiful Made-In-USA 8013 rectifier vacuum tube (which actually works, by the way!). Brass and Copper accents with USA-made suede leather patches. Yes, the meters are antique from the 1950’s-60’s that are also Made-in-the-USA!!

$150.00: SN001 single-meter cigar box clock with made-in-USA analog meter.

$200.00: Analog Clock SN002 is made using an antique WW-II diode tester, which is in excellent condition. Made in August 1945, this meter carries the weight of history with it. Fully functional clock that is also highly accurate. Easy to set the time using the original knob controls!
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