Little update

I’m back working on some items again. Sold two steampunked leather mice. Yay! But other stuff has been stagnant, so I dropped the prices on Etsy a LOT. Please buy stuff!! I really think my next move is going to be guitar pedals. I’ve been scouring the market so far with analog clocks, cigar box drums, steampunked wireless mouses, etc., but with hardly a bite. I’ve finally got Instagram account up and running to help get the word out.

It’s kind of depressing to spend so much effort on items I think are cool and have no sales to show for it, so I guess my final foray will be guitar pedals. If that fails, I’m going toward my big invention ideas whole-hog. Youtube hasn’t panned out for me yet either, now that you need 1,000 subscribers to make even a cent.

Here’s a preview of my new “Mini-Tubulum” with only 4 pipes. Actually, if you use the palm of your hand, you can get each to speak an octave lower, so you have effectively 8 very bassy notes. This one is tuned D, E, G, A, with the D 3 half-steps lower than the F on my big tubulum. It sounds really cool!! The pipes are 1-1/4″ PVC and are noticeably quieter (and lighter-weight) than the 2″ PVC on the big tubulum.