Sorry for the delays!!!

Folks, I mentioned that I moved across the country for an awesome new job at the beginning of the year. It’s been great, but super busy, so I haven’t had much time to devote to these guitar pedals, unfortunately. As of 6/3/23, I have a few Analog VUMPs ear-marked for customers, so I am turning some out, just more slowly than I’d like to.

I haven’t mentioned this until now, but I’m overhauling the digital Mini-VUMP to work with stereo inputs and pre-set calibration, and that turned out to be a major change (stereo jacks, more expensive 3PDT footswitch, more/larger parts, etc), and my first round of the PCB had some issues I haven’t had time to scope out yet. Once I get that figured out, it’ll be a 1.5 month delay to production of the first 40 units.

After those 40 are done I need to buy a powder paint gun to do the next batch. I was borrowing one from a friend previously.

Thanks for your patience! Many of you have told me you’ve been looking for something like this for 20-30 years, so I hope a few months more of waiting will be tolerable!